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Multi-jurisdiction accounting services for investment vehicles

powered by a globally distributed network of experts

Wincler is your Accounting Concierge, available 24/7, across all your territories.

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We're specialized in accounting
for Special Purpose Vehicles.
We do it well, we do it right.

One solution, adapted to your needs

Investment vehicles active in multiple jurisdictions have to comply with a range of heterogeneous accounting procedures in a highly regulated environment, taking into account industry-specific reporting requirements. 

We offer a customizable cloud-based solution, adapted to your needs.

One-stop shop, absolute clarity

Finding a reliable financial expert in each territory can be a major challenge. Coordinating a team of accountants isn’t an easy feat. Wincler has developed its own global network of experienced professionals, all operating at the highest level of excellence. We take care of managing your accounts in all jurisdictions. 

Our platform brings together all your financial data into a single dashboard, recording and filing debit & credit documents and syncing with all your bank feeds. No more need to log into multiple accounting systems. Wincler provides a single consistent source of truth, updated in real time, accessible 24/7.

White glove onboarding

As a Wincler client, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide you through every step of the onboarding process and remain your single point of contact for all requests. 

We will transfer all your records from your current system(s) to our platform, at no additional cost. 

We deliver a seamless service

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Streamlined Bookkeeping

We manage your bookkeeping in a frictionless process, across multiple asset classes, in all jurisdictions.

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Returns & Statements

Our team takes care of your periodical returns and annual statements. 

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Real-time Detailed Analytics

We offer realtime access to all all essential KPIs.

consolidation wincler

Group Accounting

We consolidate the accounts with your top holding or your regulated or non regulated fund.

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Global Network Of Experts

We pair you with local experts who manage your accounts in each territory.

They have access to all your documents via our cloud-based application. Our internal messaging platform enables you to connect in a snap.

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We simplify every step of the process

Define The Job Wincler

Scope management

Define whether you need monthly, quarterly or yearly reporting, choose your jurisdictions, indicate whether you need VAT reporting and tax reporting.

Upload Documents Wincler

Easy uploads

Each month, upload your accounting and corporate documents on our platform. Bank statements are automatically synchronised.

AI Automation Wincler

AI Automation

Our AI-assisted systems automatically process between 80% and 95% of your business transactions, reducing the risk of human errors. 

Your dedicated accountant focuses on value added tasks.

Track Your Business KPI Data Wincler

Customized UI

Customize our dashboards to your needs. Sales, cash management, returns on investments. You decide which metrics to monitor.

24 7 Access Wincler

24/7 Access

Become a paperless company. Manage all your documents in one repository. The platform is accessible from any device (computer, tablet, cell phone).

Entrust us with your accounting

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